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Above it's moi, Anton Hedges (in my fifth decade now) men's health, fitness, well-being, - Lifestyle Experts

IF you want to build (and sustain) a strong, pain-free body, trust me, the physical alone is not enough! Back in the day when I was stuck, miserable, and unhappy I would mask it and sedate with drink, drugs, junk food (got fat TWICE in my life) and repeat that cycle as I BELIEVED (beliefs systems hold us back again) if I was in good shape I would be happy, I wasn't until - I found my 'balance' physically, mentally, and emotionally..

I NOW have a system that I have devised from years of experience, research, investment and failure, that also covers the connection of the physical, mental, and emotional well-being (so I'm no longer emotional eating/drinking) - find your leverage and you'll find your balance..

There's NOTHING really out there for men, tired, stressed out, unhappy men. We're just told to 'man up' whatever that even means?  

Men also 'believe' they need to be spending hours in the gym, taking expensive supplements and following unsustainable soul-destroying diets (you don't) which is what leads them to then give up (also most probably don't have full clarity or leverage on what they REALLY want) which then leads you to lose confidence and guilt/punish ourselves again!

These days it's all about our proven 5-pillar health/longevity system that, produces the maximum in the minimum, is about building a better relationship with regular exercise/movement alongside balanced enjoyable nutrition, making it sustainable.

Plus our simple but effective proven mindset system, that WILL bulletproof stress, confidence and energy levels so we can achieve and sustain the best shape of our lives physically, mentally and emotionally, just as the men that have stepped up are now discovering

Below are just a few simple rules I follow for a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle (claim your free pdf guide for full details)

  • Sleep well (6-8 hours each night)
  • Drink plenty of water (2-4 litres per day)
  • I drink alcohol but in moderation
  • No junk food in cupboards 
  • Enjoy my fav 'occasional' foods 2-3 times weekly NOT daily
  • Regular exercise - move daily
  • I prep most of my own meals and CHOOSE NATURAL foods over pre-packaged processed foods.
  • I eat the right foods at the right times (non-restrictive)
  • I limit takeaways 
  • I repeat this cycle ALL year round for sustainability

There you go, just a few simple things to consider incorporating, however, if you don't have the correct mindset you will struggle..

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