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One of the most common questions I get asked...

What do you eat Anton?

What's your diet?

Below: It's moi Anton Hedges (in my 40's now) Men's Health, Fitness, & Longevity Expert

Diets DON'T work we BOTH know that!

Your overall nutrition requirements will be dependent on your goals..

However, I'm a big believer in not having any food restrictions. It's going to be really tough to stick to a diet if you don't like the foods, right?

For that ongoing health, fitness, longevity and wellbeing I will approach the nutrition part (It's ONE of the 5-pillar system) with the most balance or sense as possible. Even if I'm doing an occasional stricter kind of fitness challenge I can still have a few beers and make it work..

So, today I thought I'd share an AVERAGE week of meals that I eat alongside my regular balanced exercise that ALSO doesn't involve hours of exercise

As it's a very common question..

Well, firstly I attempt to eat REAL natural foods over man-made processed foods that offer NO nutritional value whatsoever..

Above - Just to give a quick example , talking of examples...

Breakfast Examples - Large glass of water with lemon first thing. Kick starts the metabolism and promotes liver health. Stay mindful of your hydration levels throughout as people often tend to confuse hunger with dehydration

Probiotic yogurt with fresh natural fruits (mixed berries etc) Or Natural organic porridge oats (dependent on season)

Sometimes I don't eat breakfast - Fitness industry myth we busted previously

Snacks - Mid morning and afternoon

Almonds, brazil, and cashew nuts. Pumpkins and sesame seeds. Hard boiled eggs. Homemade protein bars etc

Lunch - Beans on wholemeal toast or the extras from the previous evenings meals. Starting with a typical Sunday- Roast Chicken, potato, and mixed veg

Monday I will PLAN to have the left over chicken either in a (post workout) sandwich for lunch...

No strategy you will just end up winging it, lack of plan and lack of progress go together, but before you can set a strategy you will need your clarity!

Or as a cold chicken salad (sometimes both) and baked potato evening meal - below..

Tuesday - Was a pre (bulk) cooked Bolognese sauce with whole-wheat spaghetti pasta

Wednesday was a veggie day with seabass, baked (or sweet) potato and salad. I tend to incorporate these a minimum of twice per week to keep that balance for health, awareness of the planet/environment, and also the animals.

Thursday - Homemade chicken shish kebab(s) flatbread and homemade tzatziki. I still enjoy occasional shop bought (and some takeaways) as all part of that balance. However as the emphasis is simply on real natural ingredients over man made processed (dead nutrients) these recipes (that I love) allow me to enjoy a varied diet -

See why it's sustainable now?

Friday - Steak, Chips (tripled cooked oh boy), and Salad or Peas

Saturday I will then revert back to another veggie day before planning my strategy for the following week.

I'm also aware and mindful of red meat consumption (when setting my plan) and staying within the recommended intake, as well as processed meats and foods in general. As you can see, these meals are real natural foods as opposed to processed man made foods. If I was to have roast beef on the Sunday (as I occasionally do) I know that will take a lot of my read meat consumption for that week so I plan accordingly

Similar to when I enjoy some sausages I wouldn't then eat them again (or bacon etc) for another week or so.

Which is why, just like takeaways, these are classed as occasional foods.

Making these choices...

Alongside regular exercise and movement is what allows me to stay in good shape (physically and mentally) all year around. This is due to my clarity of taking responsibility for my ongoing health, longevity, and wellbeing so I not only look but also move and feel at my best.

Having that plan avoids feelings of overwhelm as well as, when our energy is low we end up just reaching for other shite. Usually to make us FEEL better due to that lack of energy.

So the key is being aware (wake up warrior) mindful and responsible for what you put in the cake hole

Put good stuff in get good stuff out!

Ideally, you should be eating a large amount of natural lean protein.

These are the building blocks (of life) of muscle and tissue (repair/rejuvenate) and then fat and carbs (macronutrients) are both fuel for the body. Fat (or carbs) DO NOT make you fat its the excess, and a sedentary lifestyle, that's makes one fat and ultimately unhealthy.

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