Above - wake up warrior Michelle demonstrating how she finally, broke that yo-yo 2stone on/off cycle, hit her ideal healthy weight using the online system from her home in the Isle of Wight.

Below - It's moi, Anton Hedges men's health & fitness coach, in my fifth decade now.

Ready to wake your inner warrior?

Above: Quick look at the bespoke training app

Below- Quick message from another warrior

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BESPOKE ONLINE COACHING SYSTEM: For ordinary guys and girls who want to lose weight (unwanted body fat) and improve their overall wellbeing so they look, move, and feel great, throughout 2022 and beyond!

All WITHOUT hours of endless exercise and boring unsustainable diets! Ideal, for busy professionals who don't have time for (or even particularity enjoy) endless exercise/gyms!

EXPERT GUIDANCE ON EXERCISE: You will have full access to me through your bespoke online app that includes, personal calendar/direction for your scheduled 5-pillar blend of warrior routines that you will love!

(Equipment & Gyms not required - optional!)

SUSTAINABLE FOOD/DRINK: Personalised (educational) nutrition coaching so there is no guesswork for you - just simple step by step healthy eating for long term sustainable success. No rabbit food, diets, and yep you can even have a few beers and make it work!

READY TO WAKE YOUR INNER WARRIOR: No matter your current level, this is a great kick-start for those that maybe worried, confused or lacking direction regarding achieving, sustaining, and managing their 'natural healthy weight' As well as those who are already taking action but frustrated by their current effort/energy/results ratio

Time to wake up, take back control, responsibility, and feel full of energy, purpose, and fire?

No mater what you've tried before?

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